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September 11, 2017

Type the words “alternative therapies” and “multiple sclerosis” into google and thousands of articles are listed. It is likely that many people with MS have done this, as just over…read more


August 29, 2017

In up to 10% of cases MS may start before the age of 18. This is known as paediatric MS. It is not known exactly what triggers MS, although a…read more


August 29, 2017

MS is a debilitating disease that affects the communication of messages from nerve cells in the brain to the body. This results in numerous symptoms including complications with vision, motor…read more

Rex and MS On TV One News

May 10, 2017

A recent segment on TV One news highlighted the work being done using Rex robotics to help people with MS regain movement in their more

Lifestyle Check: fat and MS

May 10, 2017

Diets, love them or hate them, social media is a buzz with them. They are a staple for click bait on the internet and media outlets love controversial diet more

MS and relationships, we need to talk

October 31, 2016

Living with MS isn’t just about the physical symptoms, MS can also impact on one’s psychological well-being. Both the physical and the psychological aspects of MS can intrude into many…read more

Stressful life events and the onset of MS

October 31, 2016

There is substantial evidence that stress increases MS disease activity in those with established MS. Some research has shown, for example, that stressful life events, such as the death of…read more

Overcoming heat sensitivity

September 5, 2016

Our bodies are like an amazing air conditioning unit, and much like an air conditioning unit, it has to be able to sense the temperature and then calculate whether to…read more

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