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July 18, 2019

Research studies into MS are not possible without the participation of people with MS.

MS is very varied and research into the disease is inherently just as diverse. Research studies form a significant part of MS research and cover a wide range of areas including psychology, nutrition, physiotherapy and other allied health interventions, as well as the more laboratory and clinic-based research into the biology of MS.

At the core of all these studies are people with MS themselves. Across the whole spectrum of research, people with MS inform both the research questions that need to be asked, and contribute to the research itself.

How can people with MS contribute to research?
People with MS can contribute to research by providing samples, giving their time in the clinic or by answering surveys and questionnaires. In all cases, after extensive research and development, the final step before any research can be translated into clinical practice is a clinical study or trial. This step is vital to confirm that any developed intervention is effective and safe.

There are several possible advantages to participating in research studies. These can include potentially gaining access to interventions before they are widely available and receiving extra healthcare and closer monitoring. People who take part in a research studies are also contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge and, in some cases, to improved health for themselves or others with the same disease or condition.

The studies highlighted below are currently recruiting for participants based in NZ:

Resilience, Perceived Family Support and Quality of Life in People with Multiple Sclerosis

Identifying Predictors of Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

Speech pathology questionnaire for patients with MS

International Pregnancy Exposure Registry of Women with MS Exposed to Aubagio

National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Neurological Disorders

The Multi National Gilenya Pregnancy Exposure Registry in MS

The Multi-National Tecfidera Pregnancy Exposure Registry in MS

Preventing the risk of MS using vitamin D in patients with a first demyelinating event in Australia and New Zealand (PrevANZ)

Developing an intervention to promote physical activity engagement for people with MS living in rural settings: a feasibility study

Review the MS trials website to keep updated with the latest trials looking for participants.

Article courtesy of MS Research Australia


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