Help sought for UK study

August 29, 2017

Help-Seeking and Social Support in Husbands/Partners/Spouses & other male significant others of people with Multiple Sclerosisread more

MS Brain Health – Time Matters

August 29, 2017

Policy initiative to stimulate debate about advocating a treatment approach in multiple sclerosis that aims to minimize disease activity and maximize lifelong ‘brain health’read more


June 19, 2017

In MS, the brain and spinal cord are mistakenly attacked by our own immune system. This involves autoimmune processes that specifically damage the myelin which forms an insulating layer around…read more

Heavy metals in MS

December 10, 2016

In a new study published recently, tissue from the MS Research Australia Brain Bank was used. Led by Associate Professor Roger Pamphlett from the University of Sydney, to study the…read more

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