Fund Raising walk for MS underway

September 21, 2016

Australian Nikki Ladd has started her fundraising 3054 km walk from Cape Reinga to Bluff to raise money for MS.

Nikki decided to do the walk to combine a couple of tasks on her To Do List;
a) take a big walk
b) raise money for a charity that she believes could create change for the people it wishes to support
c) honour those who have walked a harder path than she has had to travel "on my very blessed life."

Nikki says she has been able to communicate with a couple of newspapers, but coverage and timing makes it very hard to keep timely contact with people while she is walking.

"We raised $1000 in the first week but it's slowed up since I've been out walking in the coast. On the plus side, I'm doing better at spreading the message and starting the MS conversation." Nikki told us.

She said was hoping for a week off when she hits Hamilton, so hopefully will get more contact with people then. Nikki has a couple of tramping groups, a scout group and some local MS Society ladies walking with her and offering to help raise $$ on the way.

See links below to follow Nikki's progress:


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