MS Brain Health – Time Matters

August 29, 2017

An independent group of clinicians, researchers, specialist nurses, health economists and representatives from patient organizations has developed a policy-level report calling for a change in approach to the management of multiple sclerosis, by targeting treatment towards eliminating or minimizing measurable disease activity.

This report, Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis, was launched at ECTRIMS in 2015 and was presented at the Charcot Foundation meeting to healthcare professionals specializing in the treatment and management of people with multiple sclerosis. The overarching objectives are to:
■ Drive the widespread adoption of a therapeutic strategy in multiple sclerosis that:
1. maximizes lifelong brain health; and
2. prevents unnecessary disability.
■ Persuade the relevant target audiences that this approach will reduce the considerable personal, societal and economic burden of the disease.

To read the full report, click on the following link Brain Health Time Matters in MS

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