MBIE Science Whitinga Fellowship

February 11, 2021

The MBIE Science Whitinga Fellowship is aimed at supporting excellent early career researchers impacted by COVID-19 in the New Zealand research science system. This is a one-off initiative and will…read more

Demystifying diet and nutrition in MS

January 28, 2021

MS Research Australia has funded 3 projects in the 2021 grant round looking at the impact of dietary factors in MS. The projects cover a wide range of possible effects…read more

A potential MS vaccine?

January 27, 2021

A recent scientific publication has been touted as highlighting a potential vaccine for MS by some media outlets. So, what does this mean? And how does this tie in with…read more

Accessibility Research Participants Wanted

July 14, 2020

Access Advisors provides digital accessibility consultance services around the country. They also regularly recruit people with access needs who are interested in doing research for some of the more enlightened…read more

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