Temperature Sensitivity in Multiple Sclerosis Online Survey

March 27, 2019

Researchers at Loughborough University are interested in gathering personal insights on heat and cold temperature sensitivity in Multiple Sclerosis, and specifically, on what methods patients use to cope with the symptom worsening induced by exposure to heat and cold.

They are looking for people with MS who have experienced symptoms worsening due to heat and cold as part of their MS, to complete a 15-minute online survey.

The study has received ethical approval from the University of Loughborough Ethics Approvals (Human Participants) Sub-Committee. Participants are not required to provide any personal identifiable information (e.g., name and address) and so their participation will remain anonymous and confidential. This information will help in determining whether certain aspects of temperature sensitivity in MS relate to specific age ranges, gender, treatments or type of MS.

Survey: https://lboro.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/temperature-sensitivity-in-multiple-sclerosis-online-survey1

For any questions regarding this survey please contact Kate Christogianni a.christogianni@lboro.ac.uk

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