January 14, 2019

MS Brain Health

An evidence-based international consensus report, Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis, which recommends a strategy to maximize lifelong ‘brain health’.


MS International Federation

A global network of MS organisations, people affected by MS, volunteers and staff from around the world.


MS Research Australia

MS Research Australia is the largest Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to funding, coordinating, educating and advocating for MS research as part of the worldwide effort to solve MS.


MS UK Research News

A small national charity dedicated to empowering people affected by MS to make the most of today, and live life to the full. Their website is regularly updated with interesting research news.



A science communication initiative that aims to bridge the gap that currently exists between the MS research world and people living with MS. It does this by publishing accurate, independent and easy to understand summaries of current research into MS across a variety of platforms.


Multiple Sclerosis Society of New Zealand

Formed to advocate for systemic change so people with MS in New Zealand have access to first world treatment, resources and services to improve their well-being and quality of life. The work of MSNZ aims to reduce the burden of MS on those diagnosed, their carers and families.


National MS Society

A driving force of MS research and treatment to stop disease progression, restore function, and end MS forever.


Neurological Foundation of NZ Human Brain Bank

Raises funds to ensure NZ’s top neuroscientists can continue leading-edge research into neurological disorders.


New Zealand Brain Research Institute

Focused on finding new answers to complex questions about brain disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS and Huntington’s.


The International Progressive MS Alliance

A global collaboration of MS organizations, researchers, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, and people with progressive MS, transforming the landscape of MS.


The International Multiple Sclerosis Consortium

Aimed primarily at scientists working on MS and related diseases.


University of Auckland Centre for Brain Research

Scientists, doctors and students work at every level; from the laboratory to the clinic to whānau and the community, providing novel insights on how the brain stimulates, controls and interacts with the rest of the body.


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